Dr. Lin's Publications on Dialysis Access and Renal Disease

Dr. Lin is actively involved in clinical research in the field of vascular surgery and endovascular therapy, and he has published more than 400 scientific publications. Selected articles published by Dr. Lin related dialysis access and kidney disease re shown below.  

List of Dr. Lin's Publications on Dialysis & Renal Disease

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  •  Lin PH, Chen C, Surowiec MS, MacDonald MJ, Weiss JV, Dodson TF, and Lumsden AB. Management of hand ischemia in patients with hemodialysis access by distal arterial ligation and revascularization. Vascular Surgery 1999; 33:481-488.
  •  Lin PH, Bush RL, and Lumsden AB. Vascular access: the utility of cryopreserved vein allograft. Advances in Vascular Surgery 2001; 9:109-121.
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  • Freeman J, Chen A, Weinberg RJ, Okada T, Chen C, Lin PH. Sustained thromboresistant bioactivity with reduced intimal hyperplasia of heparin-bonded Polytetrafluoroethylene Propaten graft in a chronic canine femoral artery bypass model. Annals of Vascular Surgery. 2018 May; 49:295-303.